Causes of Turkey Neck

The skin under the neck can become loose if the production of collagen is disturbed and the skin starts to slacken. As skin slackens, it dangles under the neck and resembles the look of a turkey’s wattle, which is one of the reasons this cosmetic condition is referred to as a turkey neck. Although the disruption of collagen is a common reason saggy skin under the jaw develops, there are other reasons as well. These reasons include: obesity, weakened muscles in the jaw, and genetics. Both women and men can be affected by this unsightly cosmetic feature. For those who are embarrassed of their saggy skin under their jawline, there are options on the market that can help you gain back your youthful look.

Most women and men do not explore their options before making a conscious decision on how to address their saggy skin under the neck. Resorting to a neck lift used to be one of the only effective options on the market. However, surgical procedures can cost thousands of dollars and negative side effects like pain, swelling, redness, and scarring have been connected to these procedures. Also, after surgery women were not supposed to apply makeup for a couple of weeks, this was disappointing for some individuals. To find out more about the negative effects connected to surgical options check out

The cosmetic industry is an uprising industry. Manufacturers have developed hundreds of products that cam address your everyday cosmetic concerns, including the look of saggy neck skin. Before, many consumers had doubt in the effects of creams, but nowadays many women and men have dropped the negative stereotype that creams do not work. There are dozens of creams on the market that have been shown to offer results if applied as directed. The best neck cream products are those that can offer visible results in as little as four weeks.  Several benefits are connected to neck creams, such as: they are cost effective, do not leave scarring, some can be worn under makeup, they do not require recovery time and they can be used at home.